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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the happs..

ok, we been busy 'round these parts (and beyond) and have some pretty decent news to share.

first we have a collaboration dubbed the "Channel Crossing Series" with the Baltimore classic Oliver Ales; a project aimed to construct what we are considering calling a Belgian Bitter, or perhaps an ESB (Extra Special Belgian), or who knows what.. brewed on an old Pugsley system and pitched in open fermenters with our house saison strain (and thankfully a little slurry from our friends at the Brewers Art to help kick things in bit faster).. so far, so great and we have a very cool and actually quite educational release party planned for May 20th at the Pratt Street Ale House.

next up was a match making deal from our friends at Bella Vista Distribution in Philly. they asked (perhaps demanded) a collaborative effort with myself and Matt Allyn at the Voodoo Brewery in Meadville, PA. this turned out to be an completely epic day that started with a nearly 12 hour commute for myself and a brew day that resulted in multiple stuck mashes. all travel and delays aside it was great time spent with excellent company. the beer? yeah.. well, it's a wheat beer, but its quite dark and we decided to abuse a blender and added a bunch of pureed raisins, hibiscus, juniper, rose hips, and schisandra berries. excited.

so that's 2 collaborations, more Stateside including a new offering in the series called 'Cellar Door'. a beer that genuinely represents my view of refreshment; dry, crisp, citrus, grass, slightly herbal.. at least that's what the pilot batch i am sipping tastes like.

import series vol. 1 on the way.. 'of Love and Regret'.

we are growing and expanding! so as always, the ales can be found by contacting 12 Percent Imports.


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